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Articles by John50

Free weekend   8/15/2012

I must congratulate the management of S.F. for giving us this weekend free. This will enable ordinary members to contact anyone they fancy, and hopefully will result in romance, or at least lasting n

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Interest   10/22/2011

Here I go again, moaning about lack of interest in our site. Have most of our regular contributors gone away, and left SF, or is the site suffering from apathy? Older people really need an active web

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Gold member   9/12/2011

I was a Gold Member for some years, but did not get any value from it. Indeed I failed to make any new friends either. I still visit the site as a standard member, but of course I am very restricted,

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Time   9/6/2011

As I get older, and since I retired time seems to go by so fast.It is now September, and this year has flown.Definitely as a friend says "Time is ticking away" and even with good health (hopefully)th

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What's wrong?   5/29/2011

I sumitted an article to this section last March, and note there has been no post since. Why??...

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People.   4/24/2011

When I was younger I was very interested in peoples appearance. Generally I had a picture in my minds eye of the type of person I wanted to associate with. Thankfully, as I have become older this has

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The way it is!   3/28/2011

We should live for now as we don't know what is ahead of us. If the opportunity for love comes we should take it with both hands.A good friend passed away suddenly last week, and that has certainly ch

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Does love last   3/28/2011

All my friends are divorced, or if they cannot afford it seperated. Each of them theought their love would last for ever. (until death do we part)I now dislike attending a we

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Whats wrong   3/28/2011

I thought of upgrading from "Standard" until I observed that the last article posted here is several months old. Why???? John...

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Life is too short!   10/19/2010

I wonder why some women in a relationship, or usually married, use s-x as a weapon, and refuse to make love to their partner/husband. This usually happens after a row, when he does not obey her, or in

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Their agenda   9/1/2010

Looking at the various posts in different sections of our magazine, I was surprised to see some from young people, both male and female. I would question why anyone under 50 would be interested in a w

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Very few Gold or Silver members!   9/1/2010

Has the number of members who subscribe for gold or silver membership declined? I notice when checking the magazine articles and the chat rooms that there now seems to be very few gold or silver membe

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Lack of interest.   1/24/2009

I wonder what is gone wrong with our site. Time was this section was used all the time. There has only been one post here since August 2008. Anyone have any ideas? ...

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Be Safe   1/12/2009

Unfortunately there are a lot of dangerous people around. Some of them are predators, who like to prey on vulnerable, lonely people.

Please accept the good advice offered by our site, and do

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Young people in our site   12/31/2008

I wonder why there are so many young people involved with SF.I refer to people in their forties, mostly male. Long, long ago, when I was that age, I would not dream of getting involved in a web site w

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Changing times   12/29/2008

In my youth, after a date, you were lucky to get a chaste kiss, and most ladies did not have intercourse until they were married. Now people, especially the young hop into bed, sometimes after meeting

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Live for now.   12/29/2008

When you are over sixty opportunities are less, time is ticking away, soon you may be unable, so if love comes - grab it with both hands. When we die, it will be for eternity....

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Relationships   12/28/2008

Looking at the posts on our site, and the requirements which a lot of us have for "soulmates", I wonder are we setting our sights too high. Most of us set up a list of requirements, such as single, no

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Our site   12/28/2008

Folks, what has gone wrong. Has everyone deserted our site. On joining I thought it was a great site for Senior folk to voice their opinions. I was active until earlier this year, when I was unable to

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Relationship   12/27/2008

I often wonder if things might have been different. I am a Catholic married to a devout Catholic. We got married in 1966, and as birth control was against our faith, we practiced the "safe period".Thi

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Whats gone wrong   12/27/2008

I have not visited this site for some time. On checking the General Advice section of the magazine today I was disappointed to see that there has onlyb been a few posts since last July. Anyone like to

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Is this site for Senior Friend Finders? ?   3/3/2008

Looking down through the articles in this section I notice a request from a 30 year old male for sex, and a 33 year old lady looking for someone "to care for".

I am a Gold member for some yea

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Getting old.   7/21/2007

We should all plan ahead for the time we will have difficulty looking after ourselves. I have a friend who during renovations on his house recently, had hand rails installed in the bathroom, passage w

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Humor   7/21/2007

I thought the articles in ths section should be of a serious nature. On perusing it today I observed a large number of jokes. While I have as good a sense of humour as the next, there is a section for

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Hotels   6/13/2007

Some lucky people have partners, and can go on holidays with them, and avail of normal hotel rates(per person sharing) A lot more of us travel alone, and have to pay exorbitant single supplements. I k

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Where is heaven   5/16/2007

I was brought up to believe in God and an after life which was heaven. In those days it was easy to believe heaven was up somewhere in the sky. Now scientists can see for hundreds of light years into

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Global Warming   4/18/2007

Do we believe the scientists who have given us all the doom and gloom about global warming....

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Medical treatment   1/18/2007

In the past three months I attended three funerals of friends. All were in their late seventies, and all of them died in hospital. Visiting, it did not appear that staff in the hospitals seemed

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Younger members   12/12/2006

I notice there appears to be a lot of younger male members in this site. I cannot understand why a male of say 45 would bother with a site where the average age would be in the sixties. Do they thi

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Posts   12/12/2006

Are members losing interest, or maybe finding it too hard to post, but there appears to be very few new articles in this section. Looking through the lists of members S.F. seems to have many thou

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What to do.   9/29/2006

We are all senior people who are members of this site. A lot of us are looking for new relationships. Most of us have been in several relationships over the years, some good and some not so good. H

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Great expectations   9/27/2006

I notice a lot of people seem to expect too much from casual encounters on this web site. There seems to be a lot of people complaining about people they have just met, which would indicate that to

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Last night I started to think about the hereafter. I suppose the fact that I am 64 years old, and that time is ticking away brought those thoughts to my mind.. I have always been a chuch goer, lis

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A male fantasy.   6/14/2006

To be married to a good looking woman, who would maintain her figure, and always look good. To be able to support this lady, and that She would not have to work. This woman would keep the house, co

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Useful Advice   5/16/2006

It is said that a persons two greatest fears are, (1) Dying, and (2) being called on to speak in public. We will all die so there is no help there. However we can all learn how to speak in public

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Lottery Win   5/14/2006

A woman came home, screeching her car into the driveway, and
ran into the house. She slammed the door and shouted at the
top of her lungs, "Honey, pack your bags. I won the damn lot

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Great expectations   5/9/2006

AS happens we get married, expect it to last for ever, it slowly falls apart, there is a lot of bitterness, and eventually we seperate. Then someone else comes along, we get on well, ahve a lot i

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Postmans nice surprise   5/6/2006

> It was the mailman's last day on the job after 35 years > of carrying the mail through all kinds of weather to the same > neighborhood. > > When h

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Joke   5/5/2006

A FIREMAN came home from work one day and told his wife, "You know, we have a wonderful system at the fire station: BELL 1 rings and we all put on our jackets, BELL 2 rings and we all slide down th

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Sharing - -   5/5/2006

This is what marriage is about....
* *He ordered one hamburger, one order of French fries and one drink. The old man unwrapped the plain hamburger and carefully cut it in half. He plac

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Violence.   4/30/2006

Why is there so much talk of violence, and war, on this site. Whether we agree or not, with the invasion of Iraq, the fact remains, that hundreds of very young Americans mostly, from very poor back

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Lonely hearts.   4/30/2006

As we get older, retire from work, and have less contact with people, we can become lonely. How can we deal with this, or is there a solution. This web site should be the answer, as in theory it s

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Do we expect too much?   4/22/2006

Reading through the advice colums, I get the impression that a lot of people are dissatisfied with the people they meet up with, or who contact them through this web site. I wonder is the reason th

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Public Speaking   3/27/2006

It is said that a persons two greatest fears are, (1) Dying, and (2) being called on to speak in public. We will all die so there is no help there. However we can all learn how to speak in publi

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Good manners.   3/25/2006

Has good manners become un-fashionable, and has rudeness taken over.In particular I refer to the way people are sometimes treated by contacts in this web site. A person winks at you, or sends an em

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Effects of Porn.   3/23/2006

Do any of you view porn?. What I am talking about is sexual relations between consenting adults. There is lots of it available now, in DVDs, Films, Videos, and through the written word in stories,

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Getting old   3/17/2006

Today and old friend died. He would have been 90 in April. However for the past 5 years he had no quality of life, and required extensive care in a nursing home, and did not know anyone for the pas

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Watch out   3/15/2006

People are now using this web site to promote scams. Basically they want to get money out of a middle east, or african country, require details of your bank account, and then plunder it. I recently

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Money making Racket   1/30/2005

Is this site a money making racket?. You cannot really become properly involved unless you pay big "bucks" and become either a gold or silver member, i.e you cannot download profiles, photographs

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Being safe.   1/18/2005

Everyone want to feel safe when dating someone new. Yhis applies to both females and males. WE should all be careful about giving out too many particulars until we get to know the other person. Alw

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Fear.   1/11/2005

Everybody fears something, and most people fear rejection. That is why we are afraid to attempt to form new relationships. This should not be so, as we have all a lifetime of experience, dealing wi

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