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Articles by paxtonquigley

Today's thought...   5/31/2007

You cheered me on in basketball and in everything I've done you've been proud to be my father, I've been proud to be your son. When my life's finally over and our next life has begun We will have to g

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My smooth, romantic dance move   8/4/2006

I took Joellyn to my Senior Prom. We had done some dating before and she seemed genuinely interested in me and excited to be going to the dance. Joellyn was two years younger than I was and knew I

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Heavens Door   5/23/2004

Today's the day you completely changed my life Today's the day that you became my wife and now the world looks so much lovelier to me and as you stay that's how it's always going to be... <

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"Death??"   5/6/2004

Death?? Oh yes! I'm familiar with him. He has taken my brother, my sister, my friend. He has taken my nephew, my granddaughter too. He has taken the old, he has taken the new. <br> A

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Us!!!!   4/22/2004

It was twenty years ago today you came into my life to stay I have never felt more okay and I know you feel the same. <br> Through out all those twenty years we've wi

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Tiny Fingers   4/20/2004

Tiny fingers wrapped around my thumb, baby's laughter, your face is full of crumbs. Lie beside the one who gave you birth. She and I will tell you the wonders of the earth. <br> The

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All He Sees...........   4/12/2004

White cloud in a blue sky Looks so lovely to my eye. The green leaf as its floating down to the different colored ground. These are things that we see every day <br>

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Seven til two...   4/1/2004

It was seven til two, it was heaven with you It was pure delight. You were with me at 1:53 It was a magical night. You made me smile, for such a long while We were as one as two people can b

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Lullaby   3/28/2004

My little child the day is through I hope that it was good to you your precious face has made me smile Now let me sing to you awhile <br> There was a time I felt alone your mother

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Reformed   3/25/2004

Sometimes I sit and wonder- where would I be today If instead of coming to our house, you'd gone some other way My father was a drunkard up until the day you came But since that day you lef

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