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avefenix510 69 M
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more laughter   3/12/2012

A man was removing two wheels from his car.A girl asked him: what are you doing??Man: Can't you see the board, "Parking for two wheelers only"!!! _______

Teacher: Mack, come here, see the ma

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avefenix510 69 M
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something to smile   3/12/2012

•A: yo momma so fat when she goes swimmin in the beach, boats dock on her less •A:Yo momma so stupid, she got trapped in a grocerie store and starved to death

Girl: Mom, i am in love with

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avefenix510 69 M
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History Exam   3/12/2012

At a history examination.

EXAMINER: "Mention an important event in 1564."

EXAMINEE (after thinking for a long time): "Shakespeare was born."

EXAMNER: "Very well, and in 1574

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avefenix510 69 M
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The Farmer and the Blondes   3/12/2012

One day a farmer went outside to his pond with a bucket to pick peaches from the peach tree next to his pond and there were two blondes in the pond skinny dipping. When they saw him they went to the d

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