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How did this happen?
Posted:Jul 5, 2012 11:11 pm
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2012 10:07 pm

There was a time, not long ago, when I knew the phone numbers of my family and friends by heart, when bills were paid by writing checks and licking stamps, and when friendly correspondence involved a nice pen and the good stationary. Not so much any more, as we rely on speed dial cell phones, electronic banking, and email or texting. How did this creep upon us, this slow, insidious death of the social mores of communication? I am as guilty as the next person of slowly leaning more heavily on electronic communication until it became my norm. I have in my closet, three shoeboxes of letters I've received over the years, beginning with the letters written me by my future husband from Fort Xix during basic training in 1970. I cannot now remember the last time I wrote a proper friendly letter. Nor can I remember more than a handful of important phone numbers. How did I allow technology to take and keep those small nuggets of my information? Laziness, convienence, apathy? Maybe all three, but what I didn't anticipate, was how deeply those technolgical tentacles had burrowed. Imagine then, the confusion bordering on chaos which ensued when my cell phone predeceased my computer by a few days. All numbers in my phone (perhaps 200 or so) were lost. Of course there was no hard copy backup for my numbers...remember that whole lazy and apathttic thing mentioned earlier? I have been relying on people calling or texting me in order to collect their numbers and save them. I'm up to about twenty numbers, only about 180 more to go. Computer death meant no means of social media available, and backtracking for hours to determine all the stray pieces of information needed to balance the checkbook and pay the bills. What a royal headache. Have I learned something from all this? Yes, of course! I now know to have a hard copy of everything. Will I do it? Sure, at first. But I'm certain it won't last long. How did I let this happen? I'm not quite sure actually. Have a good one, and keep those hard copies!

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