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Getting_Wiser 67F
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9/29/2009 6:36 am
I Watched My Wife Take Her First Big One!

In the past ten years sex has only been a household word for my wife and I, but I have had the pleasure of watching a younger male friend, on a couple of occasions, take my wife across that fineline, where he has enjoyed a few exciting moments with her and as I listened to her 'oooo.s n aaah's', and 'moans n groans' I knew she was enjoying the pleasures of his very long, very thick love muscle, which literally ripped and stretched out her tightness.
Shame on me, as I know my wife's weakness, as she is basically a nondrinker but occasionally has a cocktail or two, after which she is more outgoing and basically can be easily persuaded into doing things she'd normally decline.
I made it a point to have the young male there one evening after she'd had a few and at first I had butterflies in my stomach but as I watched, I soon found it too be the most exciting adventure we had ever explored, and the first time he gave her about forty-five minutes of some slow but very deep sex, and when he was done she was addicted, and it made it easier the next time.

Was I wrong for taking advantage of her?