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The Senior FriendFinder Magazine is unique in that it relies on you, our Senior FriendFinder members, for its exciting and very interactive content. Not only can you read the interesting articles, but you can add your own and respond to those of others!

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Got a question? Have answers?
If you had your choice of stove to buy, which one would it be?

by Roxy1946 2/9/2016
What's up, doc?

by mrsjoe1936 2/7/2016
Are You Really Looking?

by Puzzles2016 2/4/2016
Older you have one?

by Roxy1946 2/1/2016
Retired? More like just tired!

by mrsjoe1936 2/1/2016
The Victorian Painted Lady

by Puzzles2016 1/28/2016
Pain? Sharing can also be painful.

by mrsjoe1936 1/28/2016
Where have they all gone?

by Roxy1946 1/23/2016

by Roxy1946 12/2/2015

by NewOrleansOlStud 9/2/2015
any one from India

by Sumit1990 8/27/2015
Good Politicians.... Are there any?

by mark4acute1 8/25/2015

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