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Articles by hap2day

hap2day 69 M
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Moving on in Life's Grand Plan.   8/2/2007

The names and locations have been modified to protect the #$%&*)@# of the world.

There once was a happy couple who had everything going for them. Beautiful home, family, and great jobs fro

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hap2day 69 M
4  Articles
Retired People - Where is She, I must know......   7/12/2007

Working people frequently ask retired people what they do to make their days interesting. Well, for example, the other day I went down town and went into a shop. I was only in there for about 5 minute

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hap2day 69 M
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Happiness   6/26/2007

We all come along in life with our likes and dislikes. Its like a invisible sign that we carry around. No one can see it but we sense it as we walk the streets of this life and see and meet people.

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hap2day 69 M
4  Articles
A Few Ways to Kep From Eating Those Sugary,Delicious Things That Make You Fat.   6/23/2007

Write a Postcard.

Food does not control your life!

Try to name all the state capitals. If you don't know them, learn them.

Go to a baseball game and use the stairs.

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