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Articles by 16ncyde

How Did You Get Enough Points   8/29/2007

I've been trying to get enough points for a Gold membership. I do the groups, the voting and the responding. And my points just stay the same. I write SFF. Sometimes that helps. This last time.

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Nightmares, Panic Attacks, Insomia the Vicious Cycle   8/23/2007

Ever wake up in the middle of the night, with your heart beating so fast it hurts. Every nerve ending says 'run' and you don't know why? You may of may not remember having a bad dream. The feeling

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We're All Hot, How Do You Handle It?   8/8/2007

Two thirds of the Continental USA is experiencing temperatures close to or at three digits.

I'm living indoors, eating less and drinking plenty of water. What are you doing about it?

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Sometimes, It Just Can't Be Said Any Better! So I Quote   8/7/2007

"A time comes in your life when you finally get it... When in the midst of all your fears and insanity you stop dead in your tracks, and somewhere the voice inside your head cries out - ENOUGH!

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Why Aren't My Articles Showing Up and Where are My Points?   7/24/2007

Is anyone else having this problem? Is the SFF staff over worked or what? More than likely, an article doesn't show up and the points don't either. Sometimes the article will show after a few days,

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What Gender is a Musical Instrument?   7/21/2007

Yesterday, I heard a musician referring to her piano as "she". "She is a sultry, sexy woman". Asked about compositions - "Really, what happens is she plays me."

Later, "You have to imagine y

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Love Complications   6/7/2007

He was loving her. He was loving her so much he felt it in his gut. He wondered how it was possible for his heart to be so full of her, that it wrenched his gut.

But, he did love her. Not

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The Words Get In The Way   6/1/2007

All these years of being sincere and truthful seem to have gotten 'no response'. So, lately I've done some things, posted ads that are totally unlike anything I've done before. One, entitled "Protru

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The Secret?!?   5/26/2007

This idea that you can attract exactly what you want from the universe by what you think and feel is just not that new, nor has it been a secret.

It's biblical.

The Masters of the Se

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Scamming   5/15/2007

Looks to me, like scamming is reaching an all time high. People are posting photos that are not of themselves. They are claiming to have fallen in love. Wanting to chat daily, and give compliments

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Meeting Too Late   8/20/2005

He sent a note to me, expressing his desire to meet. Gave me his cell number. We played phone tag a few weeks. <br> Finally, one Saturday we spoke and decided to meet. I'd wanted to tak

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Theatre of Life   7/19/2004

Theatre of Life <br> Life is a Theater..Invite Your Audience Carefully. Not everyone is healthy enough to have a front row seat in our lives. <br> There are

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