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Articles by LadyH

The Road Ahead ...........   7/18/2006

The road ahead is empty It's paved with miles of the unknown Whatever seems to be your destination Take life the way it comes, take life the way it is. Horizon in the distance So close .....

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*Beginnings*   6/30/2006

Beginnings can be delicate or explosive. They can start almost invisibly or arrive with a big bang. Beginnings hold the promise of new lessons to be learned, new territory to be exp

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TODAY   6/20/2006

TODAY I will delete from my diary Two days: Yesterday and Tomorrow Yesterday was to learn And Tomorrow will be the consequence of what I can do TODAY.
TODAY I will face Life With

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Meeting people - one on one - personally   8/19/2005

I have been a member of SFF for quite some time and have met many people in person all over the world: males as well as well as females. I have attended 3 bashes in the US (I am from Europe) and go

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