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Articles by Thegrouch

Thegrouch 81 M
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What's the big deal?   4/4/2011

I just did a partial check through this category and find myself confused. Back when I was footloose, etc. I was not "shopping" for a permanent relationship. I was simply going out with a wo

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Thegrouch 81 M
3  Articles
Freezer People   12/8/2010

I posted this a couple of weeks ago on my SFF blog, dunno if this will be considered plagerized or not.

At this festive time of year this poem I wrote last year seems approp

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Thegrouch 81 M
3  Articles
Radio Traffic   9/24/2010

Radio traffic at Fire Lookout

“I'm approaching scene now.” “It doesn't look so good.” “Back in a few minutes” sound of fumbling, panicked call - “I need a helicopter – now!”

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