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Rentier1 68
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Being kind when not interested   6/2/2014

If contacted by someone in SFF who expresses interest, don't be unkind if the person is not to your liking.

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The way it is!   28/3/2011

We should live for now as we don't know what is ahead of us. If the opportunity for love comes we should take it with both hands.A good friend passed away suddenly last week, and that has certainly changed my views on life and living....

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Live for now.   29/12/2008

When you are over sixty opportunities are less, time is ticking away, soon you may be unable, so if love comes - grab it with both hands. When we die, it will be for eternity....

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syrena53 55
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Years 70 ‒ Good Times!   12/8/2007

Who lived intensely the 70 years is condemned to not to remember of him. At least not completely. There are such a big irony in that, an irony so ... years 70...

Because it was a decade of experiences with very little intermediation. It was not important, early, there was or I do not register, memory, an inventory from what was tried. The capture of the ...

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terryaki 60
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in the work place   30/1/2007

Many of you are thinking that you would never date anyone from work. This article is for the rest of you. If you are interested in the guy, you many want to think twice before playing hard to get. With today's sexual harassment laws, you may only get asked once. So, if you are interested, think twice before saying no thanks.

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Great expectations   9/5/2006

AS happens we get married, expect it to last for ever, it slowly falls apart, there is a lot of bitterness, and eventually we seperate. Then someone else comes along, we get on well, ahve a lot in common, and sex and loving is great. The day arrives when another commitment is requested, we would love to be able to do so. However we have been hurt badly, and are afraid. Hopefully the ...

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Blktarzan35 42
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Its not difficult to be polite...   20/1/2006

Really, I should know...think about it...I'm a Belgian national who works in the US, african ancestry and attracted to the attitudes and maturity of older women, sometimes significantly older...barriers abound for someone such as me, in a web-climate such as this...and I have been told "no thanks" in a variety of ways, but never took offense... <br> From what I have experienced ...

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Money making Racket   30/1/2005

Is this site a money making racket?. You cannot really become properly involved unless you pay big "bucks" and become either a gold or silver member, i.e you cannot download profiles, photographs or indeed make use of most of the features of the site. I would like to know, before I spend some of my scarce income, if Gold or Silver members feel that they are getting good value for their ...

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