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Their agenda   1/9/2010

Looking at the various posts in different sections of our magazine, I was surprised to see some from young people, both male and female. I would question why anyone under 50 would be interested in a web site called SenionFriendFinder. What agenda have they?...

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Be Safe   12/1/2009

Unfortunately there are a lot of dangerous people around. Some of them are predators, who like to prey on vulnerable, lonely people.

Please accept the good advice offered by our site, and do not give personal information, until you are certain about the other person.

You should correspond through our site, until you get to know something about the other party. Always be aware ...

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GoodManRon 67
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This Is How It Is   27/5/2007

The Man chases the Woman until the Woman catches the Man. Women have always been in control of the relationship even before it begins and I think this is great. ...If the Woman tells the Man too early in the relationship that she loves him, the Man will only think of one thing...'I'm getting some'...and the relationship will never develope any further. Women ARE in control of the relationship ...

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GreatSmile4U 69
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How do you go about a background check & how much is it?   18/2/2007

Ok, so you have met someone a few times ~ or maybe just met online, chat, & phone calls.
By then, I have "goo g l e d" and cross-checked address/phone numbers and checked the s e x offender list in his state/city.
Is that all you do? Have any of you ever used the online background checks? About all they really tell is if he pays his bills on time or has any overdue library books.

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terryaki 60
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How to play it safe?   30/1/2007

Here are some dating safety tips that I have heard. The first thing, to do, is the background check. On a first date, you want to meet at a public location. It is a good idea to have a friend check on you, after about one hour.

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TheHag 66
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JUST DO IT!   27/8/2006

We have some fine gentlemen here at SFF, and I sincerely thank God for each of them. WHEN DATING IN GENERAL, HOWEVER, I must always be aware that I now live in a world with values far different from my own. Respect is rare, there is NO safety, and ulterior motives abound. My only defense lies in my intelligence and in as far as possible always being a hard target.
My policy is ...

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starwomyn 59
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Dealing with On-Line Bullies   26/5/2006

On-Line Bullies is an occupational hazard of the cyberworld. There are some who can bully behind an anonymous profile.
When dealing with an on-line bully, it is important to NOT to respond, interact and engage with the bully. This is not easy but it is doable.
The bully will attack with name-calling and slander. The first ...

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Parisdreamer10 70
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I Almost Got CYBER !   15/10/2005

People keep talking about the Chat rooms. How people meet and some have even found their spouses there. So every now and then, I have been popping in there. Not much to report there. <br> Then, I thought I would get an Instant Messenger on this site so I could talk directly to someone and be safe and I wouldn't have to give out my real E-mail address. I have ...

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Meeting people - one on one - personally   19/8/2005

I have been a member of SFF for quite some time and have met many people in person all over the world: males as well as well as females. I have attended 3 bashes in the US (I am from Europe) and going to such a gathering in order to meet people in my opinion is safe. It would be different when meeting a single person, woman meeting gentlemen. I have always trusted my intuition and up to ...

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Parisdreamer10 70
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When do you give your real ......   17/8/2005

I have had someone view my profile and send me an e-mail on SFF site. The first thing he did was to give me his Yahoo e-mail address. Then, He wanted my handle to IM. Actually, I have had this happen several times. To me this is scary. I am afraid. With all the horror stories you hear how can you know when the time is right to reveal more? I certainly wouldn't after the first e-mail. ...

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Parisdreamer10 70
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A little off subject, but...speaking of dating...   7/8/2005

I have been watching " Hooking UP" a new series on ABC Thurs. nights 8:00PM Central Standard Time. It is about single women who are meeting men on Dating Sites on the Internet and it follows them on the actual date! I find it facinating to see what all is going on out there, since I haven't been on a "real date" in about 16 years! Sincerely, Parisdreamer10

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Being safe.   18/1/2005

Everyone want to feel safe when dating someone new. Yhis applies to both females and males. WE should all be careful about giving out too many particulars until we get to know the other person. Always meet in a public place, and dont be tempted to go off with the other person, to their home or a hotel. It takes time to get to know, and trust someone new.

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Fake emails to hide country of origin   6/7/2004

I have discovered that email addresses ending with are fake......and those using them are not necessarily from australia those are generic global email addresses and are available to anyone for free.....even to u.s.a. citizens... <br> Do not rely on an email they can be deceiving. If you get an email from someone, dont just believe it without ...

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Meeting place   28/5/2004

The 21st century equivalent of the coffee shop meeting spot is, I suggest, the food court in a mall. It's very public setting of course so you have to be creative in making sure both parties can identify each other. <br> The nice thing is that if you decide to go your own way afterwards, you have the whole mall to walk through. If you felt you were being stalked while going ...

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