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unduplicated 75
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Meeting Someone New   2/11/2013

Just wanting opinions on this. It is bothering me. I have started emailing with a man that lives fairly close to me. I haven't talked to him on the phone, just emailed. I have a rule that, unless a man gives me his home phone number, I won't meet him. I feel that is the best way to see if he is married. This man, refuses to do this. He says he lives with his daughter and she would ...

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TheHag 66
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ANY THREE PEOPLE ...   14/8/2010

If you could have any three people as guests at dinner (now living or from any time in history), whom would you invite and why?
(Will add my own current picks when this has been up a day or two. They change from time to time. Luv & Laughter! The Hag

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Young people in our site   8/11/2011

I wonder why there are so many young people involved with SF.I refer to people in their forties, mostly male. Long, long ago, when I was that age, I would not dream of getting involved in a web site which caters for senior citizens. I would wonder about the motives of young people who are involved. (male or female) Are some of them predators, hoping to prey on the older folk. You read ...

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