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Dating no-noes   22/6/2006

The other night I had a blind date. He was in such a hurry that he didn't want us to spend time corresponding but preferred to meet face to face. He said he'd spring for coffee, suggested we'd meet at 6 p.m (the dinner hour). I turned up after work, five minutes early. He looked at his watch and said he had been waiting more than half an hour. His next comment was, "if I had known how far ...

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zebelle 79 F
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Deciding Whether You Want to Date This Person   19/6/2006

I agree with the other "First Dates" category message to a point. I too do not want to give my e-mail address, my phone number, or my actual address (he wanted to send me something) to any man I don't know, at least a little. I am surprised at the reaction to my reticense. One fellow scolded stating "This is no time for timidity." I explained that it was not timidity but security (mine) ...

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sweetchristia 67 F
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safety-Inviting someone to your home or not?   20/6/2006

After having read the article on dating, Red flags, the author stated that if someone wont invite you to their home this is a red flag.. One might think that the person is hiding something like being Married, so they dont invite you to their home. But, I would offer my own view that it is really for safety, that we dont invite men to our homes after only a few dates.Especially this applies ...

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Safety is your #1 priority   20/6/2006

Here are a few good safety tips: <br> 1. If you decide to meet a person you have met at SeniorFriendFinder (or elsewhere online), always meet in a public place. Never meet in private for your first date and always let someone (a friend or family member) know where you are going to meet this person. <br> 2. Be honest about who you are and what you are seeking, however ...

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First date syndrome!   20/6/2006

Ahhhh, that first date syndrome. So many people on the personals find it to be a very scary thought and much like a blind date. I suppose that is what it is when you have never actually met in person yet. <br> I think you can get to know a person pretty well with emails and eventually phone calls. However, I like to look into their eyes and watch their body language while we ...

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weepy2foot 70 F
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Dying on the Vine   28/1/2007

I had my first date after 10 years alone (my choice). Have not liked dating anyone older because my free spirit always rubbed them the wrong way (can not control me). He was 71 (another generation to give a try)and I am 60. We met at my brothers for safty sake. Started kissing me before we got to the car and molesting inside ...Did not understand NO! Started talking about his sex life ...

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sensual47 67 M
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First impressions can cost you   29/5/2005

When they say that first impressions mean the most , could they be totally wrong? You get all dressed up, be on time, maybe give your date some flowers, Go to an elegant restaurant, have a wonderful "expensive" dinner to impress, minding your manners all the way, even down to standing when she leaves the table. Now you've set a standard of expectations. Can you live up to them? Or would ...

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womaninthemoon 64 F
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First Impressions...   19/6/2006

Having read some of what has been posted on this site about first impressions I just have to say...GOODNESS YES...THEY DO MATTER!!!.. First dates are tough...are they they are dates. The meeting took place through emails and then the phone. This is no different than a blind date from years past...only hopefully neither of us has a friend embarassed if it doesn't work out. ...

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bklynblueeyes19 65 F
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free samples at the buffet of life   20/6/2006

It seems to me that on reading certain articles, men are using the first date as an attempt to get "free samples" at the buffet of life. Just because a woman consents to meet for coffee or dinner, it doesn't necessarily follow that she consented to anything more. Men are really missing the boat by misjudging, and subsequently rejecting, women who don't want sexual play in the early part ...

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borderstar2 68 M
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Soul Quest   20/6/2006

Dear friends, I know this may seem more appropriate underneath the "poems" catagory; however, I have experienced intermittent problems with that site, and so I thought I'd post this here. Technically it is about a "first date." I will also try posting this at the other location as well. I hope you enjoy it. borderstar2 <br> Soul Quest <br> ...

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advice on emails   20/6/2006

I can't say how many times I receive a message from a man who wants to chat, meet, move in with me and/or marry me without so much as having received an email back from me! One of my biggest turn-offs is when the messages I receive start out with "You are so pretty, beautiful, gorgeous etc..." Or they say "We have so much in common!" I'm hoping that a man would want to be judged on his ...

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jazz571 61 F
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Be honest ,,,, Is it really a first date?   20/6/2006

When you meet for coffee to do " a looky lou" or a "drive by" or a peek at the guy or gal in person ... I believe this does not qualify as a "date". I prefer to term it as a "Meet and Greet" see what we both think! How can anyone be disappointed if you both go into it with no expectations other than meeting a new person that if you are not interested in dating could turn out to be a ...

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Jackthelad 75 M
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Do I need a Manual.......   19/6/2006

I am just starting to date again for the first time in twenty years, .....and it's Horrendous, .....I realise now, that without knowing it, I have slipped into a habit of just getting on with the day......doing everyday things , without paying too much attention to how I do them, ....a bit like driving really, .after a while you just DO it, .......Now, I am dating, and I'm getting ...

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Let's call it a "Lookover"   19/6/2006

In my experience, the first "meeting" is not a date at all. I call it the "lookover" - the chance to check out the physical chemistry between two people who have (theoretically) established some kind of mental/emotional chemistry on line or on the phone. <br> Remember, this is not yet a date!!! - a date is, in this definition, agreeing to go out with someone you already know, at ...

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PhotoGuy1949 66 M
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Old Photo   19/6/2006

How may times have we met someone and they didn't look anything like the photo that you have been viewing. You know the one I talking about....the photo that is 10 or 15 years old. Now the question is what to do. You have been deceived. Is this so terrible? It probably is. Obviously this person thinks that their looks are more important than the truth. Are they scared that if they ...

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Mustang96 78 M
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How To Gracefully Exit After First Five Minutes?   19/6/2006

Most of my first dates have been (by design) in very casual venues, like a coffee shop. Let me be honest. On most (but not all) my first dates I have pretty much decided yea or nay within the first five minutes. You may think me shallow; I prefer the term discerning. And in most cases I am inwardly saying 'no way' here. However, after having made that determination, I feel obligated to ...

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SkyCop 79 M
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A first date?   19/6/2006

A first date only requires common sense. Meeting on the computer is the best place to get that first date. If you remember everything you read about a person is probably not all true. And, thats not bad. We all just tend to over sell and thats not all bad because it gives a starting point. Something for others to judge. Pictures say 1000 words and it's so easy to get pictures on line ...

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taylor31 75 F
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Timeless Love   2/8/2006

The sky meets the earth when the day is done While stars light the night.
After setting the sun Ready for Romance once two become one The world starts to rotate.
The sky meets the earth The earth meets the sky Two people in love They never ask Why?
The sky meets the earth for love that is young Wakes on the ...

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Be honest.......afterall it will all surface soon   20/6/2006

I've only had one "blind date", we did exchange pictures. We did talk a LONG time before we met. So I get to the restaurant and I'm walks this gentleman that is leaning heavily on a cane to be able to walk. I think geez kinda looks like him but he never mentioned he has a handicap. Now don't get me wrong. I have nothing against handicap people but I do live with two huge ...

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First Date, Blind Date   19/6/2006

So I had this answering service right? And damn this one woman that worked there had this voice that just gave new meaning to dream girl right? I am flirting with her almmost on a daily basis and within six weeks of her hire I am already fantacizing about what she looks like. I finnaly decided to chill and take a (and for me this is surprizing) conservative direction to maybe meet her. I ...

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nervous   8/10/2006

Aren't u sick and tired of being nervous on the first date just remember that your partner is just as nervous as you are.

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RedheadedAngel4u 63 F
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Bad first...HAHA make me laugh!!!!   19/6/2006

John was one of those men that knew little to none about honesty. He did however leave a memory….Quite large in fact. After responding to her ad, The Redheaded Angel, spoke with John on the phone. After several conversations Red agreed to meet him at his favorite restaurant. He would arrive there all of his 6’2” tallness, with a body proclaimed to be in shape. ...

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Destiny823 78 F
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In case you can't stay up late: This was on the "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno. Jay went into the audience to find the most embarrassing first date that a woman ever had. The winner described her worst first date experience. There was absolutely no question as to why her tale took the prize! <br> Marilyn said it was midwinter... snowing and quite cold...and the guy had ...

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how hard are they   20/6/2006

when you meet someone and you go on the first date it's hard because you are so nervous, relax have a good time if you like someone then just don't phone again. i had a man tell me when he takes a lady out he will ask her to lunch so that if he doesn't like her he will say he has a meeting that night and never phone her again. Or some men take you out and then figure hummmm i think i will ...

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oddyssey4ever 73 F
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First date jumping in bed   19/6/2006

Why is it that when you meet for the first time the men always want to take you to bed right away, isn't it that you first build a friendship and trust before you take that next step, why can't men think with their hearts and mind instead of other things, to be intimate with someone that spark has to be there, we all have choices but the mens choice is always jumping into bed i know the men ...

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funlover4 74 F
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Followup to ProSe42   24/12/2006

ProSe42 wrote about meeting people who lie about physical characteristics. There are those, though, who lie about everything...which may explain why they never want to go further than the internet connection. I've had experience of at least one man whose entire profile intro has been cut and pasted from someone entirely different. The name he gives does not exist, neither does his ...

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A Light Snack   21/7/2009

I only popped in to the superstore to grab a can of drink and a snack. After driving around most of the day I was tired and hungry. I grabbed a couple of drinks from the aisle, they were on offer so that was the easy decision. Then I wandered into the confectionery section. I really fancied a chunky chocolate bar but as usual the brains at the supermarket had moved them, again! It was then I saw ...

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pomolive 51 F
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First Kiss   20/8/2012

There in front of me That look in your eyes Then you grab for mine Holding them within your pools Gently touching my fingertips with your hands and working down my fingers till you have me in your grasp. Eagerly I bend toward your warmth as my lips part ever so slightly inviting you to drink in my essence First brushing, that causing me to press even closer now heart beats ...

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licktysplit 75 M
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The first date that worked forboth of us   2/2/2007

Monday morning January 21 we walk into the coffee shop of the hotel for breakfast. The guys andI had just worked all night and were ready to eat and hit our rooms for the days sleep. As I walked in, There she was. Damn!! As i looked at her she got up to answer the phone. I now know her name Kathy. I watched as she glided across the floor. My mind speaks. Lay down lady, you don't have a ...

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licktysplit 75 M
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Thank You Senior Friend Finder   19/2/2007

I have always kinda po po ed on line dating services but for some reason I tried SFF. Am I glad I did. We met through this service like everyone else. E-mails, phone calls and then the real scary FIRST MEETING. It was great!!!!! We met the Sunday before Easter for breakfast at a near by restaurant. We both looked just like our pictures so there were no surprises.VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!

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the missing ring   26/9/2007

A girl in love asked her boyfriend.
Girl: Tell me. Who do you love most in this world?
Boy: You, of course!
Girl: In your heart, what am I to you?
Boy: The boy thought for a moment and looked intently in her eyes and said, "You are my rib. It was said that God saw that Adam was lonely, during his sleep, God took one of Adam's rib and created Eve. Every man has been searching ...

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grmanic 80 M
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Bike Ride   31/12/2006

We were closely in front and I behind. Between our legs there pulsed a 500 pound mass of steel and chrome sitting upon two black balloon tires. I couldn't imagine that at my advanced age I was finally going to take my first motorcycle ride. Needless to say, my excitement was tempered by a slight feeling of anxiety and trepidation, but I put my faith, trust and life in your ...

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ChinaSatin 73 F
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The Idea of Him   20/6/2006

It's autumn now. The leaves are slowly dropping. The woods are flecked with the burst of their dying light. <br> On the way to the desk, one last check in the mirror. I notice the silver flecks on top. I push the switch and buttons, click the mouse and keys, on my way to see him. <br> My heart flip flops, the butterflies flutter anew. The anxious thought peskily ...

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sistormrider 61 M
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On the first date?   23/2/2007

Can a man be too gentlemenly... Like opening doors .. Pulling out a chair for the lady.. Meeting her with flowers on the first meeting or date...

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sistormrider 61 M
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Kissing on the first date?   15/6/2006

Should a man greet the woman on the first meeting or date with a kiss? <br> If so, should it be on the cheek or go for the lips?

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Kissing   8/10/2006

I used to have no idea if a woman was ready to be kissed. I could be sitting there talking to her, thinking to myself “Wow, her lips really look nice...” but I didn't know what to do next. This would often leave me kissless, and many times kissless for good. Can you girls/ladies give us a few hints on when "you" wish he would kiss you? Everyone is ...

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sistormrider 61 M
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The first date   23/2/2007

Should a man decide where they like to meet or first date? Or ask her to choice?

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What is a traditional First Date today?   19/6/2006

Thirty-five years ago, a first date required that a man plan his clothing, his car’s appearance and the place that they will be going to for lunch or dinner. Some guys plan the lighting, the seating arrangements and the menu. Some guys plan on flowers, a bouquet or a corsage. And Oh Yes! Did I polish my shoes? With clothing, car, flowers and dinner, a guy had easily wrapped up ...

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perfect first date   18/7/2006

What is a PERFECT DATE? What is a first date? a perfect date to me is where we can meet to have some fun, eat a little, dance a little, and joke around. Have fun in other words. If you can both do that, and really and honestly can tell the other one that they had a good time, that is the best date one can ask for. And you are in with many other people to boot. That is a perfect first ...

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taylor31 75 F
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And Love Goes On   24/3/2008

I wrote your name on a piece of paper, but by accident threw it away.
I wrote your name on my hand, but it washed away.
I wrote your name in the sand, but the waves whispered it away.
I wrote your name in my heart, And forever it will stay..

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ProSe42 73 M
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Try the Truth   16/1/2010

You look at a photo and read the person’s profile and you say to yourself, “This is a person I would like to know better.” You e-mail each other back and forth in an attempt to know more about each other. You talk to each other on the telephone. The conversation goes flows and you decide to meet. You arrive at the designated place at the right time. You ...

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Things NOT TO DO!!!!!!   24/12/2006

You may feel these 2 (not so perfect) dates should have been depicted in the "Relationship Humour" column, but believe me these are facts!! Please, men out there, learn from this if either of my "special" dates listed below are even remotely like you.
Picture this: First date and we meet at a coffee shop. There is enough grease under his fingernails and on his hands to grease ...

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kountry_woman51 63 C
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“Bitten By The Love Bug”   14/9/2008

My name is Kountry_woman51, my boyfriends name is Ventrman. We are both met on Adult friend finder and have a real life true love, love at first site, hit by cupids arrow story to tell you. <br> I used to think that adult dating and swinging sites online were nothing but phony. I figured no real people with real needs ever bothered to post profiles there. Even if they did, most ...

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Finelady4u 68 F
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To Meet or not to Meet?   19/6/2006

If I decide on meeting a man I have contacted through the personals, I eventually base this decision on my gut. <br> I once met a fellow online, and we eventually exchanged emails. There were a few things not ringing true, so I had some reservations about meeting him in person. I requested that we exchange a few more emails first. <br> I'm glad I followed my gut - ...

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miriad 57 F
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when is a first date not a first date   1/7/2006

i often get or see comments by males , saying ''are you a serial first dater''Well what is a serial first dater , my experience is , if you meet someone and he doesnt wish to meet you again (happens alot if you dont have sex with them first date )then through no fault of your own , you gonna be a ''serial first dater'' why do people insist in putting people in boxes , we are all too ...

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forgotten teeth   19/6/2006

here i am on my first date, hope she dosen't turn up late. combed my hair and washed my face, not a molycule out of place. i sent that photo' took some while back, now my hairs a bit thinner and my jaws are slack. what was it now i said i did, something i've been at since i was a kid? brain surgeon, pilot, owned a bar, hope she don't mind me being jack tar. never mind it'll be ...

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Transitions ...   20/6/2006

If moral values were clear and universally accepted life would be simple, or horribly more complicated for those that need help the most. Monogamy and relationship jumping are probably one of the most interesting areas that we have so many people that stand high with moral certainty, yet practice has so many grey areas. <br> Take for example the many women working at near minimum ...

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taylor31 75 F
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My Favorite Love Quote   19/6/2006

WE all want to fall in love. Why? Because that experience makes us feel completely alive, Where every sense is heightened, and every emotion is magnified.. Our everyday Reality is shattered and we are flying into the heavens... It may last only a moment, an hour, or an afternoon, but it doesn't deminish its value, because we are left with memories that we treasure for the ...

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Blacksmith 83 M
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persons with disabilities   19/6/2006

I will go stieght to the point. How come that a man with a disability and is unable to drive because of his eye site is amediatly rejectred by a lady. But if the shoe is on the other foot and the lady dose not drive that is ok, i would call that discrimination as they are crying equal rites, where is the equal rites now ?? blacksmith

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Meeting For First Time CAN be FUN!   1/11/2008

Through this site I made a new friend recently, he lives in CT, and is a sales rep. for a national company and was scheduled for a meeting in a town about fifty miles away from where I live. He contacted me and we agreed to meet for dinner. I told him I'd give him a call on his cell when I arrived and also give him directions to the restaurant. He said "no problem", he had a GPS and shouldn't ...

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doodlebugg 57 F
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CREEPS   19/9/2009

I recently excepted a date with a mam I meet on SSF we had chatted a few times on the phone . I noticed some things on the phone that gave me hints not to go but i went anyway. This guy mocked everything I said made fun of everything I did and was about 80 pounds heavyer than they looked in there picture I could have got past that , but not the way he treated me. Then the best part of the ...

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SkyCop 79 M
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That good first impression   19/6/2006

Are you doing the right thing in your life to get the quality date you want? Or having trouble maintaing a relationship with old friends? <br> Your probably living alone. Look in the mirrow every morning and make the decision on how you are going to feel that day and are you good company? If you hurt inside you probably are not good company and may be suffering from a ...

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petitesagesse 52 F
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I i don't ..yes i do!   12/8/2008

We're not only wired to want what we can't have, but we're also wired to want what we really don't want.

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lyn5 73 F
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second date   20/6/2006

I met this man for a coffee we talked fro a short while. the folowing week he phoned me up and we went to a dance. THe night just sped by I enjoyed myself so much. I di thank him and told him so . THis week as passed by and I did not hear from him. Do you think I should write him or just wait, we seem to have the same interests also in other things . I am new at this I have not dated ...

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love is needed   19/6/2006

to have or not to have is an option for each individual. Whats wrong with us if we don't want love? So many of us get tired, and yes, I am including men as well as women, of going through the whole relationship , communicating, first date and falling in love then to find out they are not for you.for one reason or another.. All that time is wasted, you say, and yes it has been. Not fair as ...

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petitesagesse 52 F
14  Articles
Bath time....   3/3/2007

When a guy is persistent, it's so romantic, they make movies about that. If it's a woman who is persistent, then they cast Glenn Close...

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SkyCop 79 M
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First date scaries?   20/6/2006

A first date only requires common sense. Meeting on the computer is the best place to get that first date. If you remember everything you read about a person is probably not all true. And, thats not bad. We all just tend to over sell and thats not all bad because it gives a starting point. Something for others to judge. Pictures say 1000 words and it's so easy to get ...

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Stix1955 59 M
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Coming Together   22/12/2007

How hard is it when you come across someone so right for you, but they live in a city 70 kms from you. I met such a person a year ago through FF and the lady lives down the bay and far away. We have communicated via email, msn/yahoo and eventually met in person. The occasion did a little later down the track present itself whereby i could get away from work and other commitments. It ...

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mastertom 65 M
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Dont feed them   1/10/2014

Most of the time the date shows up not to meet you but to be fed by pick a spot where there is no food. That will give you & that other person a chance to see if you want a second date. If they dont want a non-food date......keep on walking.

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AmazingKisser 64 M
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What A First Date It Was   19/6/2006

It was mid summer and I for one had a advantage on my first date. You see we meet through my work and in she came to the store. For over a two month period, We talked at first, exchanged little chit chat and found out we enjoyed talking to each other. Age wise I was 10 years older, in my mid 50's. But age was not a factor. We became friends and exchanged phone numbers. She called me and ...

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Charley_S 60 F
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I Don't Call Them Dates   19/6/2006

After a number disaterous "first dates" (some of which had plucked out my last heart string, I changed the name. I now call it a "meet and greet". After all isn't that what it really is? To me a first date is after I've gotten to know the person a little better and feel comfortable doing something like meeting for dinner or sitting together in a dark movie theater. I will suggest (if ...

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sistormrider 61 M
6  Articles
Is it wrong to ask a woman on the first date ?   23/2/2007

Is it wrong to ask a woman on your first date or meeting with her, to have sex?

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Madisgrandma 61 F
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Where do you go on a first date?   26/10/2007

Make sure your first date is fun. Go bowling, go to a local fair (carnival) or go shoot some pool. Whatever it is, make it fun and you be fun too. Don't get too serious on the first date. Let him see the fun side of you and make it a sober one. Make sure of one thing though. Meet him there. As a precaution, I don't allow my men to pick me up at home. Meet him wherever you go for ...

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Madisgrandma 61 F
8  Articles
How To Handle Liars   20/10/2007

Have you ever had a date with someone who didn't look like their picture? Then you find out the picture is about 10 years old or in fact, could belong to a best friend? <br> Well ladies, I tell the guy (on e-mail or on the phone), if you don't look like the person on the website, I don't have a problem walking away from you. Conversation is over and so are you! <br> We ...

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kels00 53 F
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MY SOUL MATE   1/7/2006

I was chatting with a few on line in here but one guy stood out we chatted on the phone for a few weeks.. we had planned to meet in sept at a wedding.. as both of us have busy jobs Hes a boss of a team and me a supervisor .. he knew I was worried about our first meet as we had some build up we have just about everything in comon eat same foods and drinks both like rugby horses ...

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Is he/she cheating online?????   17/4/2007

It never ceases to amaze me how married men, or men in a relationship, dare to assume I would make an exception to my integrity to either date or have a relationship with them. This happens "in real life" and online. My profile is very clear I am not interested in anyone in a relationship, so why waste their, or my time? I am NOT interested in another lady's man. Ladies possibly do the ...

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kels00 53 F
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all smiles..and first thoughts...   26/6/2006

well you finally meet, you feel and look great together, laughting no tomorrow.. all smiles, lifes looking up those precious moments, loving looks, cheeky grins, naughty calls, texing or phoning all the time...dont ever let that go just cause you gonna stay together why let the little fun things slip, thats what kept your interest to start with, keep the interest ...

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Changing times   18/6/2011

In my youth, after a date, you were lucky to get a chaste kiss, and most ladies did not have intercourse until they were married. Now people, especially the young hop into bed, sometimes after meeting for only a few hours. Recently, I went for a weekend with a football team, (male) most of them under 25. We stayed in a hotel in a small city.There were four other people of my age in the group. ...

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Late life searching for a new mate   20/6/2006

Most of us had a single standard and experience set to approach partner hunting and selection -- the experience we had as teenagers. That process for most, was casual dating of kids we went to school with or socialized with at church or other organizational functions. Obviously that well is dry, or you wouldn't be reading this. <br> Lets reflect on that process a bit first. Most ...

3 Comments, 105 Views, 11 Votes ,3.54 Score
petitesagesse 52 F
14  Articles
I i don't ..yes i do!   12/8/2008

We're not only wired to want what we can't have, but we're also wired to want what we really don't want.

7 Comments, 286 Views, 59 Votes ,3.50 Score
AwesomeGemini 65 F
1  Article
May I have this dance?   16/1/2008

I'd been divorced for six and hadn't dated. I was well-known in writing circles but in social circles I was post-traumatic marriage basket case. I was once again greener than grass about meeting men, and "gun shy" after my disastrous marriage. But I love music, loved to dance, loved nice surroundings. I found myself in a pretty summer dress, heading into the city to hotel that, in conjunction ...

5 Comments, 173 Views, 24 Votes ,3.47 Score
Coming on Wrong Way?   19/6/2006

When viewing so many profiles. Many people talk about their sexual desires. Unless a person is looking only for an activity partener, I think that info should be kept private for the right person at the right time. To me if looking for a serious relationship that would turn me away. Or is it possible you think they are just coming across wrong way?

8 Comments, 167 Views, 32 Votes ,3.43 Score
NO BIG DEAL   19/6/2006


3 Comments, 160 Views, 19 Votes ,3.39 Score
No pictures,complete honesty, The main Keys   1/10/2014

First of all I never send or have a picture on my profile. I've found that if you ask most people they will discribe themselve rather honestly--If you dont like what they write down ---dont go. I als find that if you are honest about your situation, likes and dislikes. your everyday life, and if you meet in a VERY public place that SHE has chosen, you usually are not disappointed. Meet ...

12 Comments, 200 Views, 71 Votes ,3.34 Score
jmcd 57 F
6  Articles
True First Date   19/6/2006

Dalnet boulevard on that night was filled with dreary skies and shadowed ennui. As usual there was the bustling crowd that rushed from lounge to lounge, chatting, meeting, and dashing off to the next stop as they followed their usual trajectory. My steps were slow and unhurried, as I browsed along the boulevard. I stopped at one lounge to see who was in, the same crowd, the same rancorous ...

5 Comments, 387 Views, 45 Votes ,3.31 Score
Be honest with one another   19/6/2006

We meet new people every day. Some we can take an instant dislike to. Some we feel as if we have been the best of friends for years. All of us here have been on at least one 'first date'. So what is the problem? Being self concious of all that time has done to us? When you think about it. This is about the best way of getting to know someone. There are pictures, e-mails, chat online. ...

3 Comments, 111 Views, 7 Votes ,3.30 Score
terryaki 61 M
10  Articles
Gifts on the first date!   1/10/2014

I have run into a situation where a woman was upset that I did not get her an expensive gift, on the first date. This is in addition to paying for the date. Are gifts on a first date, a good idea? If so, should they been expensive ones? Should the guy always pay for the date?

14 Comments, 219 Views, 95 Votes ,3.29 Score
margiesue 62 F
427  Articles
Things Not to Say on a First Date !!!!   3/8/2006

Things Not to Say on a Date
"I really don't like this restaurant that much, but I wanted to use this 2-for-1 coupon before it expired."
"No wine for me tonight. My urologist says it's not good to mix alcohol and penicillin."
"I used to come here all the time with my ex."
"I never said you NEED a nose job. I just said it wouldn't hurt to consider it." ...

4 Comments, 365 Views, 52 Votes ,3.29 Score
moviebuff3 81 M
1  Article
New member   19/6/2006

I have only just joined SFF so I am quite nervous about having a first date although there would be no point in joining if I wasn't prepared to give it a try! Having been married for 28 years to the same lady it seems strange to be on my own at this stage in my life. (I am now widowed with no children). I am hoping to find someone who is affectionate, kind and respectable (and a non ...

6 Comments, 149 Views, 19 Votes ,3.26 Score
How far would you go for love?   10/8/2007

On this great site Senior Friend Finder there are folk's from all round the world, winking at each other, writting articles, sending e-mails and a host of other activities. Perhaps not everyone is looking for true love, but for those that are, what lengths would you go to, to be with the one you truely love? Would you up roots and move to another part of the country or world and leave ...

9 Comments, 191 Views, 66 Votes ,3.25 Score
mark224 71 M
2  Articles
I have a few Tee shirts . . .   19/6/2006

I placed an ad some time back on a different site. I followed all the rules, and took all the advice the site offered about creating a profile. I included a recent photo. I guess I was hoping for about a dozen or so replies, but even a couple would have been great. Guys help me out here - how many responses does the average guy get? <br> Anyway, after three weeks the count ...

3 Comments, 236 Views, 18 Votes ,3.12 Score
cider1954 60 M
1  Article
first date in a while   1/10/2014

i agreed to meet this lady after meeting online with no photo, i drove thirty miles to meet her and waited in my car where we agreed to meet. a car arrived with two women in it and to my amazment this women came over to my car and introduced herself. i was amazed because she was not as she described her self quite the opposite.i knew that this was not the women for me but could not bring ...

38 Comments, 920 Views, 301 Votes ,3.08 Score
10 years older--10 years younger..No difference!   7/11/2009

The title says it all. Do you find this attractive?

14 Comments, 387 Views, 100 Votes ,3.03 Score
My smooth, romantic dance move   21/7/2007

I took Joellyn to my Senior Prom. We had done some dating before and she seemed genuinely interested in me and excited to be going to the dance. Joellyn was two years younger than I was and knew I was more experienced and sophisticated seeing how I'd had those extra two years of studies behind me.
When I went to pick her up she had a lovely, full length pink dress on and looked oh ...

6 Comments, 187 Views, 27 Votes ,3.03 Score
ruggedntenderaty 66 M
7  Articles
Should we have first dates?   1/7/2006

Should we have first dates or should it be a meeting instead? <br> Perhaps a meeting to walk on the beach or share a coffee, a way to talk and see if we have any reason to see each other again. In the city it might be easier to find something low key enough to talk, but in a small town one is limited in activities.

20 Comments, 340 Views, 50 Votes ,3.03 Score
shadowsmom 70 F
1  Article
Don't 'Accept; Expect'   19/6/2006

I recently went on a 'first' date with another SFF member (a week trip to San Felippe, MX). <br> Here's a list of things that gentlemen shouldn't do on a first meeting: <br> When walking, never push a woman when you want her to go in a certain direction. <br> Never 'expect' a woman to be overly impressed by who you are when she doesn't even know you yet. ...

18 Comments, 889 Views, 125 Votes ,2.97 Score
Parisdreamer10 71 F
14  Articles
Almost a first date, Guess I scared him off....   3/3/2007

A man fairly close to my city e-mailed me and asked me to go to lunch. That was his first e-mail to me and that is all he said! I replied I wanted to get to know him better. He replied "I want to take you to lunch." I e-mailed him some leading questions which I thought might give him an idea of what to talk about. In the"letter" I asked how long had he been divorced, If he was ...

19 Comments, 815 Views, 111 Votes ,2.94 Score
he was more than real   19/6/2006

well i was feeling a bit bored on that warm saturday afternoon .so i decided to chat up someone in one of the chat room and lo and behold this real guy just pm me. we cahtted for a while and then planned to meet up later in the week. believe me i was so desparate to meet this guy that, he was begining to be an obsession to me during the rest of the days that i had to wait on meeting him ...

9 Comments, 498 Views, 48 Votes ,2.88 Score
Cum2MasterDave 56 M
5  Articles
First dates   12/8/2008

does anybody read this articles?

9 Comments, 163 Views, 30 Votes ,2.85 Score
Cum2MasterDave 56 M
5  Articles
Make it mysterious   15/2/2008

It's very sexy and erotic to meet someone you met online without talking on the phone first.

11 Comments, 212 Views, 53 Votes ,2.84 Score
Does love last   18/6/2011

All my friends are divorced, or if they cannot afford it seperated. Each of them theought their love would last for ever. (until death do we part)I now dislike attending a wedding as this thought continues to come into my head.

0 Comments, 44 Views, 6 Votes ,2.51 Score
aimlesspilot 66 M
19  Articles
Senior Dating   19/9/2009

When I admitted to being lonely, someone suggested computer dating. Although I use a computer at work and another at home, I never considered dating one. As explained to me, all I had to do was join a dating web site in order to find others like me. I hadn’t realized there had been such success in cloning.
Following advice of those who had never been this route, I found ...

16 Comments, 250 Views, 139 Votes ,2.45 Score
parerotti 48 F
1  Article
chemistry   19/6/2006

More often than not, the word "chemistry" is mentioned in talks about first dates and getting to know someone. If it's evident that there is little in common between two individuals except the electricity that both feels when they so much as touch, could that be taken as 'chemistry'? <br> If it were you, would you continue dating this person? <br> I ...

15 Comments, 309 Views, 29 Votes ,2.44 Score
cm32177 68 M
1  Article
It doesn't seem to matter too much, Mulch Me   19/6/2006

Had a first date / meeting this past Sunday. At Home Depot... I needed to replace some Cypress mulch and pick up landscaping timbers for a front yard project. I asked her to meet me at Home Depot and she agreed to meet me in one of the lumber aisles. Now I can dress to kill but that day I was dressed probably my all time worst. Dirty blue jeans, needed a shave, gray tee shirt, and ...

13 Comments, 463 Views, 39 Votes ,2.42 Score
life4me 60 F
1  Article
why no pictures?   11/3/2007

There are so many profiles out there, of which maybe 20% have pictures. I always like to see who I am talking to, sort of speaking. Yes, I know there are alot of fake pictures and old ones out there- hellooo everyone, eventually you may meet someone from online, and you will ruin it with that photo from 20 yrs ago. <br> What happened to being honest? No one wants someone who ...

17 Comments, 321 Views, 37 Votes ,2.39 Score
MY PASION FOR LIVE   24/12/2006


3 Comments, 133 Views, 15 Votes ,2.37 Score
spbpt 63 F
2  Articles


10 Comments, 269 Views, 40 Votes ,2.20 Score
coral54 60 F
285  Articles
Which great white was the largest ever caught?   3/11/2007

Which Great White was the largest ever caught? The largest Great White Shark ever caught measured 37 feet and weighed 24, 000 pounds. It was found in a herring weir in New Brunswick in 1930. The harmless Whale Shark, holds the title of largest fish, with the record being a 59-footer captured in Thailand in 1919.

6 Comments, 137 Views, 23 Votes ,2.19 Score
genie1moose 68 F
6  Articles
Why is this man from SFF reluctant to meet me?   3/2/2015

Hi, everyone,

This morning, I was having a chat with one of my matches from SFF. He seemed sincere and wanted to get to know more about me. We chatted on Yahoo IM for about an hour. We talked about what we were looking for in a partner, and we told each other why we were single at this point in time. I was very sweet to him, and he was likewise. I don't know if we have an intellectual ...

9 Comments, 241 Views, 42 Votes ,2.16 Score
licktysplit 75 M
3  Articles
The First Date   24/12/2006

The first date is a gift of time You give me yours And I give you mine We both take a chance Our futures to enhance Or are we to become part of our past Will our first in fact be our last Our gifts are given with no expectations But we hope it filled with warm sensations As our date nears end will we find bliss One fact I know there be NO kiss We will meet again if has gone ...

4 Comments, 128 Views, 21 Votes ,2.14 Score
RE: Respect - Men are visual !   23/3/2005

Regarding why men wish to view a picture of a woman before asking her out -it is because they are "visual" and want to see the person they wish to date. It is their nature and cannot be helped. Women on the other hand prefer to get to know a man before taking that first big step of dating. We are not concerned about looks as we are concerned about a relationship of love, faithfulness and a ...

1 Comments, 69 Views, 114 Votes ,2.14 Score
Why do people assume more at first when it comes to the first date?   20/6/2006

I was talking with someone recently and seemed to hit off. Then I had suggested to meet to have a coffee together. We had both agreed with the first email that people should start off as friends. I thought meeting for a coffee is good way. But by the time he got to the 3 rd email he had blown this all out of porportion and was talking about a serious relationship before we even met. I would ...

1 Comments, 47 Views, 205 Votes ,2.04 Score
shyloc 60,1960 C
2  Articles
Couples meeting other couples   19/6/2006

We have had many experience meeting other couples and it always seems to be rather awkward. In a club or lounge scene devoted to swingers it is normal to approach and be approached but in the public it is more difficult. We like to meet others when travelling and wish there was a place on the internet or other where we could check out the scene before we go. That would make for more ...

3 Comments, 349 Views, 20 Votes ,1.98 Score
Finding a happy woman   19/6/2006

Finding the perfect happy woman maybe the most difficult thing you ever do. But I have heard that the key to finding the happy woman is finding a Woman who both Respects and Admires you. <br> Of course, Respect is a very rare commodity today by women. And Admiration is virtually impossible to find among women. Women as a hole have no respect for any man no matter how much of a ...

9 Comments, 149 Views, 27 Votes ,1.98 Score
meeting   16/1/2010


4 Comments, 139 Views, 12 Votes ,1.92 Score
racingernie1 59 M
2  Articles
Fun and Scary   19/6/2006

First dates are always fun and at the same time, scary. The fun part is talking about things you like to do. The scary part is is I might goof up!

5 Comments, 283 Views, 27 Votes ,1.87 Score
Expectation for love & commintment, You Think?   19/6/2006

After alot of emails and talking on ones Internet Messenger and knowing that you fell for this person and also knowing that you have come to terms with the age-gap between yours and his (give or take 15-20yrs). You have made a step to meet for lunch, all is fine until the first thought that comes in your mind when you see him is, he's not much older than my grandson! <br> I run ...

3 Comments, 112 Views, 14 Votes ,1.86 Score
misskat 72 F
1  Article
The Yankee and the Cowboy   3/2/2010

Don't let the title fool you. This story is true and it's about me, a little yankee girl from New England, who went to a little southern Baptist college in Corpus Christi, TX in the 1960's. I had never been outside of NE before I headed to south Texas. (The plane trip alone is a story for another day.) But this story is about a first date with a Texas Aggie. For the ...

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Ladies how far will you go on the first dat   1/10/2014

How far will you go on the first date with a guy

28 Comments, 653 Views, 218 Votes ,1.56 Score
Modesty   19/6/2006

I've always been confused with ladies when it comes to what they look for in a guy. Most seem to say they prefer a guy to be confident, yet they seem to loathe a guy who is overly cocky. How does one find the happy medium between modesty and confidence? Is it better to err on the side of modesty?

5 Comments, 205 Views, 18 Votes ,1.49 Score
cringe   20/6/2006

I had a first date with a fellow who took me to a restaurant where he ordered a Reuben sandwhich. It was full of pink, mayonaissy sauce. He picked up the sandwhich and the pink stuff ran through his fingers, dripped from his sandwhich. Some people at another table were observing him. He held out the sandwhich to them and said "Want some?" Do I need to say that I was mortified? ...

1 Comments, 61 Views, 85 Votes ,1.48 Score
Be honest and a gentleman!   20/6/2006

When meeting for a first date I hate when men try so hard to build themselves up only to find that all they told you (or most of it) is a lie. Maybe if you were just yourself then it would go better (the date). Men try so hard to impress, well to this woman, the truth impresses me more than anything else.

1 Comments, 33 Views, 283 Votes ,1.45 Score
ladies always get to first base with me!   19/6/2006

Since I have gone on-line and met several women over the past couple of years, I have found it is usually the lady that makes the first move. <br> And I dont mind. The relationships have never worked out for long, but we both had fun and no regrets while dating. <br> I usually date older women because that is my comfort zone. And it is nice to make a gal feel special, ...

6 Comments, 444 Views, 36 Votes ,1.43 Score
jackstep 69 M
1  Article
WOW, were my eyes opened!!!!   1/10/2014

I chatted with a lovely lady in the chat room and we live near one another. After a few chats we decided to meet at a neutral site where we could chat and have a bite to eat. She was lovely and quite attractive to me as I was to her. Following dinner we took a stroll and she invited me to her place for an after dinner drink. We had been flirting with each other and soon settled in with the ...

19 Comments, 732 Views, 193 Votes ,1.26 Score

Hello to everyone that reads this, <br> But, I`m the guy from Jones Beach Story. <br> But, if you go on a date with a beautiful women for dinner, and walk on the beach.I don`t want her to jump my bones because is horny. <br> Why can`t she respect me as a person. Women want to be treated with ...

3 Comments, 134 Views, 55 Votes ,1.24 Score
Protective Sex?   1/10/2014

Why bother to participate in protective Sex in our age group? It much more fun without same and STD is a teanage 20s concern if at all? Skin on Skin is best and no protection!

8 Comments, 254 Views, 79 Votes ,1.23 Score
jwk55 67 M
1  Article
Good LUCK AND GOD be with you like with ME   19/6/2006

Keep up the way you are and soon you will have a man just as you are. Life do not live around sex! Yes you can have your way, but you just have to look. GOOD LUCK jwk55

2 Comments, 81 Views, 28 Votes ,1.08 Score
\bsexo?\b on the First Date   12/8/2008

What do people think?
I like \bsexo?\b on the first date.

24 Comments, 583 Views, 285 Votes ,1.04 Score
overcome   20/6/2006

I was hounded to attend a wedding reception with a fellow. He came in, listened to a few speeches and excused himself. He came back and listened to more and then people started kissing, can't recall why, he kissed me and left again. The meal started being served, he left again and came back wobbly and smelling booze. I ate and left. sobriquet

2 Comments, 64 Views, 42 Votes ,1.00 Score
EZgoer1000 68 M
1  Article
Best Job   21/12/2010

What was the most enjoyable job you've had?

Mine was when I was 15. I worked in the toy department of a large store with the cutest blonde whose family owned a jewelry store.

The hours were perfect for a teenager - 10 am to 6 pm.

1 Comments, 88 Views, 3 Votes ,0.98 Score
Adventrimax 65 M
18  Articles
First Date? Come On Over.....   19/6/2006

I am a firm believer that a first date must be comfortable as possible for both people. I have not had a first date recently, but know where we meet must have activity going on which fosters a possible relationship. One of the big issues is honesty; is this person as he/she represents online? My solution is to plan the 'first' date in daylight hours at my home...a brunch, maybe. Keeping ...

8 Comments, 257 Views, 43 Votes ,0.82 Score
MAN TO MAN   24/12/2006

Nature is one beautiful thing but natural discrepencies in our genetic make up create little differences like born with a hair lip or big differences like born with two heads and in between there are numerous other discrepensies like born gay. Surely its not just me. Is it?

7 Comments, 171 Views, 26 Votes ,0.76 Score
oddyssey4ever 73 F
4  Articles
meeting first time and jumping right in bed   20/6/2006

Why is it that when a man wants to meet you for the first time they want to take you to bed right away, isn't it suppose to be building a friendship first, the men that wanted to meet me wanted to meet at a motel, i for myself don't like to meet in a motel its cheap and sleezy like a one night stand i want a love that will last forever but friendship comes first love follows and you take it ...

2 Comments, 47 Views, 308 Votes ,0.73 Score
Crazy and hopeless   20/6/2006

I think it is crazy to make a fast move, to go live with someone far away. Risky. You put yourself under the total power of that person. How well can you get to know each other anyway? That is the crazy part. Here is the hopeless part: meeting anyone you have not already passed over where you are. Furthermore, phooey.Sobriquet

1 Comments, 26 Views, 166 Votes ,0.30 Score

Hello Too All, <br> But, I`m a 48 year old white male, 235lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes.I tan my body everyday at Jones Beach West End Field #2, and I walk west on the bay side to lay in the nude. So, I met this older women on the beach, and she had her top off.We went out a date.Went to dinner.And then walk along the beach.She jumped my bones.She ...

5 Comments, 150 Views, 76 Votes
StarGazerWomyn 61 F
139  Articles
Culture Clashes and Bonessa's First Date With A Redneck Gentleman   18/2/2007

We met at Burger King's for coffee. Although I suspect he would have liked to share a a six pack of dollar store soda's on the tailgate of his pick-up truck. "Darlin, ah's gonna treat ya whatever yer hankerin' on the burgar king menu, " the' gentleman told me me. "Right fine, I’ll get a Veggie Burger to go with the coffee. If I had a candle, we could have a powerful romantic ...

13 Comments, 475 Views, 74 Votes
StarGazerWomyn 61 F
139  Articles
Seeking Out   11/2/2007

A Wise Man or Woman Seeks Out Situations, Jobs & People who Affirm Intelligence, Perceptions & Self~Worth & Avoid People who are Hurtful, Harmful, or Demeaning.

4 Comments, 200 Views, 56 Votes
StarGazerWomyn 61 F
139  Articles
Magician Qualites for a first date   1/1/2007

Evolved - Be Imaginative, See A World of posssibilites, Weave your rainbow dreams into reality, Be Swift, Move, Be Light, Dance!!!!
Unevolved. Contradictory, verbose, abuse of intoxicants to get "high" manipulation, trickery, deceit, black magic, egotism, vanity ChugALug into a continued Loser Mode

1 Comments, 88 Views, 31 Votes
StarGazerWomyn 61 F
139  Articles
Geocaching for a first date   28/12/2006

it used to be that a first date would feel like a job interview. I would end up wearing a dorky dress in on overpriced resturant. That has changed sinced I discovered Geocaching. This is an sport where caches are hidden and found on various hiking trails and in the forest untilizing a GPS locator. The caches are listed on-line. I tell my dates to wear hiking boots and expect lots of ...

8 Comments, 369 Views, 92 Votes
StarGazerWomyn 61 F
139  Articles
Heriophant Qualities for a First Date   24/12/2006

Evolved Realist, practical, stable, down to earth, harness physical energies,
Unevolved fixed beliefs, archaic beliefs, tradion bound, meaningless rituals, lethargic

2 Comments, 165 Views, 45 Votes
One chance for a guy to make a good first impression.   1/9/2006

If we're on this "Senior" Friend Finder site, then most of us already know that men have two brains, right? That won't ever change. Some men learn to be diplomatic about it as they age, but some don't. <br> I'm here because I have accepted the fact that I indeed have two brains, and, I'm trying to use the bigger one before just reacting to the smaller one. I have a fairly ...

2 Comments, 63 Views, 63 Votes
imfreenow 69 M
2  Articles
Re: men are visual   1/9/2006

Just read the article about this and disagree on one point. Woman are just as visual as men. Just read some of the wants in these dating services. The majority are looking for a MR Perfect, that does not exist.

5 Comments, 81 Views, 115 Votes
StarGazerWomyn 61 F
139  Articles
Reasons Date Give for Standing Someone Up   26/6/2006

The Date shows up early and decides he just doesn't feel like going out after all, goes home before the date arrives. <br> His cat gets sick and he has to take it to the vet. <br> His neighbor's goldfish dies, and he stays home to console the neighbor. <br> He figures that the picture of the date wasn't the real picture, so he didn't bother coming over. ...

5 Comments, 249 Views, 47 Votes
812372000 41 F
1  Article
50 first dates   20/6/2006

There is a girl name Cathy. She had a big problem on his mind , after 24 hrs. she forgot the person that she met. Then one day she met a guy in a restaurant, then a guy love at first sight to her because she is beautiful. Then the guy said let's meet again tomorrow. Then the next day they meet again. When the guy saw Cathy, he said that I'm the man that you meet yesterday but Cathy did not ...

2 Comments, 117 Views, 34 Votes
imfreenow 69 M
2  Articles
Re:RE:Respect   20/6/2006

I would have to agree with the first writer. In my experience, that is all I can judge by, 8 out of 10 woman I have tried to contact just ignore me. The ones who do respond get a thank you , no matter what the reply was. If you are getting swamped with e-mails, maybe you should have a canned response ready. Just my 2 cents.

1 Comments, 56 Views, 154 Votes
oooomymorgan 71 M
2  Articles
Do you think that she disrespect me ??   19/6/2006

I met a women on sff and we went to the fair as we were walking thru the fair we came into an area of information booths so to let her know a little more about me. I introduce myself at some of the booths, one was the V.F.W. thats (Veterans of Foreign Wars) and told her I was in Vietnam the next booth was a place where people don't drink and i told her i haven't had a drink in 25 years.It ...

4 Comments, 106 Views, 60 Votes
KR222 65 F
1  Article
Safety VS Connection   15/6/2006

These posts are interesting, especially the considerations for personal safety. It appears that women writing articles want a man to reveal enough personal information that she wants to meet him, but we as women shouldn’t for ‘personal’ safety. Let’s face it ‒ to meet someone even after a few emails (for men as well as women), is a little like trying to ...

1 Comments, 132 Views, 344 Votes