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Dociletoyboy1982 35M
5 posts
2/26/2009 11:46 am

I'm hard pressed to think of,
Anything better to look at,
Than a sexy bbw,
Strutting down the high street,
Or strolling in the park,
Or better yet,
In a supermarket,
With tight fitting clothes,
High heels,
And an arse to die for.


If it were the supermarket,
And top notch eye candy like that,
Strutted past,
I don't think I'd be able to resist,
I'd be manouvering my trolley between shoppers,
Peeking round corners,
Running the gauntlet through the aisles,

All this,

Just to get another look.

And if it was during the summer months,
And someone up their liked me,
And she was wearing something skimpy and clingy,
And approaching the ice cream section,
The frozen aisle would be a dream come true.

All the while,

I'd be doing my best "007 and a bit attempt",
At looking like a shopper,
And trying not to be noticed,
By tying my shoe lace if she turned around,
Or filling my trolley with items,
Random items,
While gazing helplessly at her,
And probably drooling,
Hopefully not,
(drooling that is)
With items,
Items I have neither looked at,
Or cared for,
Or for that matter needed,
At present,
Or in the past,
And probably never will in the future,
And while I'm off in la la land,
Gazing at this gorgeous specimen,
Reaching out in front of me,
Clutching limply,
At whatever,
The way a man does,
When he's been in the desert,
For months,
On end,
With no food or water,
No shade,
Just sunlight,
'Til he sees a mirage,
And believing it's real,
He's filled with jubilation,
His eyes glazed in awe,
His heart pounding in anticipation,
And licking his lips,
He weakly reaches,
Reaches for it,
Numerous times,
Clutching at thin air,
Only for it to vanish,
In front of his eyes.

Hence......................a trolley full of shopping,

You see,

This is my one and only vice,
I'm drawn in,
Like a moth to a flame,
Like a bee to honey,


If your "fit" (a bbw) ,


"Fit with thick thighs" (a ssbbw) ,

And in high heels (lawd have mercy) ,

I'd slay a dragon,
To taste that sweetness (if it were the days of old).


It has got to stop,

It is becoming an addiction.
And I've just bought my third toaster this month.


And tomorrow's payday.
What chance do I stand?
Hmmmmm, not much,

I suppose,

Well, there's always hope.

And then there's always ebay. lol.

After all,

To those who can dream,
There is no such place as faraway.

LoyalLiz2 73F

3/26/2009 2:14 am

Laughing with Shay and have to agree!
Not sorry ducky, I'm not fitting your dream!
Love high-heels and sometimes wear very fitting clothes, but here is just a little sh*t, helping to stirr the pot -LOL!
Keep your dreams and good luck to you!

frenchsalsa2 70F
6935 posts
2/26/2009 6:54 pm

ROFL Shay, time to shop for new shoes ya think? Luv it ... but then again I also have china (& other household items) older than 27 yrs sheeeeesh! Not trying to offend you, dociletoyboy, but whatever brought you to a senior site? Looking for that mama figure maybe?